The Clubhouse at Falcon Ridge

Falcon Ridge Clubhouse Use Policy

The Falcon Ridge clubhouse may be used for the following activities:
  • Rentals
  • Board sponsored activities
  • Board approved clubs
There will be no other use of the clubhouse permitted.

Clubhouse Rental Procedure:

  • Call Teresa Hutcherson at (704) 992-1181 to check availability of the Falcon Ridge Clubhouse. If Teresa is not available, you can call Sharon Zeiner at 704-464-1652.
  • Rental Time: 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • The clubhouse will not be available to rent on Mothers Day, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Fathers Day, Fourth of July Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day.
  • Pick up from Teresa Hutcherson at (704 992-1181) or download and print the following 3 documents: Please read all 3 documents carefully.
  • Complete and sign the Falcon Ridge Rental Agreement and Falcon Ridge Rental Application forms and return to Teresa Hutcherson, 9234 Kestral Ridge Drive, with a deposit check in the amount of $250.00, and a rental check in the amount of $100.00, both payable to: Falcon Ridge HOA.
  • You will be given the keys to the clubhouse and the outside storage room after providing identification of Falcon Ridge Residency.
  • Extra tables and chairs are located in the storage room for your use. Please return them to the storage room after your event
  • The inspection form must be completed and left on the kitchen counter after the event ends. Please make sure you sign it.
  • Please check to make sure all doors are locked when leaving.
  • Return keys to the rental agent after the function or next day per the agreement.
  • Deposit, less any clean up/damage deductions, will be returned after inspection is completed.

Procedure to Obtain Board Approved Status:

  • Clubs who wish to have "board approved status" should email the following information to the board secretary.
    1. Name of club
    2. Club's purpose
    3. Number of members
    4. Number of members who are Falcon Ridge residents
    5. Club's contact person's
      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • Email address
    6. Day of the month and time of day requested for meeting (see calender on this page or clubhouse bulletin boards for available days and times.)
    The board will review the information at the next regularly scheduled board meeting and will then contact the club's contact person with its decision.
  • All criteria for Board Approved Clubs must be met in order to qualify for board approval.
  • Clubs that have board approved status prior to March 8, 2013 should operate as they have in the past.

Clubhouse Parking

Please be advised that Securitas Security will now ticket any cars left overnight in the Clubhouse parking lot without a parking permit in the window. They also will approach/ticket anyone parked after 10:00PM or not obviously playing tennis.



Tennis Courts


Our tennis courts are for the use of Falcon Ridge residents and their guests; If you need access, contact the Tennis Chair-person (Joan Russo), or one of the board members.